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Bulky Production Flyer Lead - Double Treadle


Babe's Bulky Spinner bobbins each hold two full pounds of your bulky handspun! Three bobbins are included with this production-sized wheel.

Babe's Flyer Lead Bulky Spinner is a Production double-treadle wheel. Maiden has a 3/4" orifice, 30" from the floor. Spinning ratio is 7:1 a slow speed is also available. Available only in White or Black

Babe's Bulky Spinner is made with furniture PVC, a wheelchair wheel with ball bearings for effortless treadling, and a polyurethane drive band. Like all Babe's wheels, Babe's Flyer Lead Bulky Spinner is extremely portable, durable, and affordable. Great for spinning outdoors in fine weather!

Has available 4 Ply Lazy Kate as a option.

Great For:

  • Rug Yarns
  • Craft Yarns
  • The Latest Bulky Knitting Fashions
  • Spinning fine as well bulky

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Reading Material

Bobbin Lead and Flyer Lead Explained

For Questions please E-mail Bee Hahn.

Check out Babe's Power Treadle & Two-Yard Skein Winder!

Babe's Bulky Spinner and Babe's Power Treadle Skein Winder will increase your yarn production and help you make the most of your spinning time. This modest investment will pay for itself with the quantities of saleable yarn you can produce, quickly and easily.

On backorder. Please call for information.

  • Model: A108