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Flyer Lead Conversion Kit White


Because of the numerous requests I received the Babe's Flyer Lead Wonder (scotch) Tension spinning wheel was invented, and does it every spin nice with easy adjustment to take up and easy to control the twist. The ratio of the whorl is 7:1

The conversion kit consists of the maiden with Velcro, NW flyer with whorl and the wonder tension control. Bobbins are optional. Pictured with a standard 5:1 bobbin. You can also use the plying bobbin with this flyer.

For Questions please E-mail Nels Wiberg.

Reading Material

Bobbin Lead and Flyer Lead Explained

Assembly Instructions

  1. Take current flyer off and install the Flyer Lead maiden.
  2. Put a bobbin on the NW Flyer with whorl and oil bearings of bobbin.
  3. Put the Flyer in place and oil the orifice and rear bearing.
  4. Put drive band over the whorl in front of the flyer and on the wheel. Look down from the top of the wheel to see that the whorl and wheel are lined up.
  5. Put the wonder tension (scotch tension) cable over the rear hub of the bobbin and tighten just a little bit. You will use this to get the proper draw in for your likes.
  6. Transfer orifice hook from old maiden to new maiden. Moved where you store the orifice hook to a ways back on the maiden
  7. Start spinning, if it pulls the yarn out of your hand loosen tension and if it does not want to draw in tighten just a little.
  8. If the maiden comes off when you lift the wheel put in a screw to hold it on.
  9. Have fun spinning fibers into yarn.
  • Model: A104