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NW Flyer HLW Conversion Kit


Babe's NW Flyer Patent Pending HLW Conversion Kit

What is a Helix?

A helix is a rod that has treads going to the right and to the left so a nut will travel back and forth enabling you to use it to keep yarn level on a bobbin and that is why it is called level wind.  When spinning you never have to stop and move from one hook to another hook.


This kit comes with the parts to make any of the Babe's Bulky Spinning Wheels level wind the yarn unto the bobbins eliminating moving the yarn from hook to hook and no more ridges and valleys.  Very simple to use.

These will be install free of charge if purchased with a wheel or with a few tools you can install your own.


This will work on any of Babe's Products that use the NW flyer

We have 8.25 oz of a 2 ply yarn on the bobbin.

  • Model: J013