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Plying Flyer Kit


With Babe's Pinkie Wheel I found I could make a flyer that would hold a larger bobbin. I have had several request from customer wanting a bobbin that they could ply on that would hold two of the standard 4 oz. bobbins. We now have a plying bobbin that will hold over 8 oz. of wool. This flyer will fit on Babe's Fiber Starter Spinning Wheel, Babe's Production Spinning Machine, and Babe's Pinkie Spinning Wheel.

Ratio for ply bobbin are: Babe's Fiber Starter - 3-7/8:1, Babe's Production Machine - 4-5/8:1 and Babe's Pinkie - 2-1/2:1.

The flyer has a 3/8" office. Care should be taken when spinning singles you want to ply to make sure two of the singles will go through the orifice. It is not made to make bulky yarn. This a 4 ply yarn that came out to 9 WPI which is considered bulky. The singles were ones I spun at show and demonstrations. Never had to change the brake to spin the bobbin full. It did have 8.05 ounces of wool on it.

The Flyer comes with 3 of the plying bobbins. We have recently changed February 2008 change from using a hairpin clip to keep the yarn level on the bobbin to a key ring and o-ring. for more information click on or copy and paste

  • Model: J0503700