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Bulky Production Double Treadle - Black

Babe's Bulky Spinning Wheel bobbins each hold two full pounds of your bulky handspun! Three bobbins are included with this production-sized wheel.
Babe's Bulky Spinning Wheel is a Production double treadle wheel. Maiden has a 3/4" orifice, 30" from the floor. Spinning ratio is 4.25:1 and a optional 2.75:1 whorl. Available in white or Black.

Because of the large center core of the bobbin It can also spin lace weight yarn.

Babe's Bulky Spinning Wheel is made with furniture PVC, a wheelchair wheel with ball bearings for effortless treadling, and a polyurethane drive band. Like all Babe's wheels, Babe's Bulky Spinner is extremely portable, durable, and affordable. Great for spinning outdoors in fine weather!

Great For:

Rug Yarns
Craft Yarns
The Latest Bulky Knitting Fashions
Plying large skeins
Spinning Lace weight yarn.

On backorder. Please call for information.

  • Model: A0504501