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Great Wheel - Walking Wheel


This is really a fun and exciting spinning wheel. The wheel is made with the use of a wheel chair wheel and therefore has ball bearings to turn on. I believe this is the only walking wheel that has ball bearing and a grooved wheel. The wheel has a built on extension so that it is 36" in diameter. The frame is Furniture PVC, a dual extrusion, which is stronger then Plumbing PVC and is UL protected so it can be out in the sunshine. Standard ratios are 38:1 and approximate 70:1. Special order ratios available upon requests. There is a polyurethane drive belt which makes adjusting very easy. No complicated adjusting is needed. The Spindle is stainless steel, 12" long with a sharp point. The spindle is 40" off the floor. The completed wheel weights 14 lbs. ships in a 36" x 8" x 36" box, however UPS classified it as 70 lbs. Options: A second drive belt so it would run off of the wheel chair wheel. Spindles at whatever size you would like. Kits would be available for larger diameter wheels. A challenge is always of interest so just ask. So far I have spun Cotton, Wool, Silk and Rags for rugs on it.

This Great Wheel will go in a shipping box 22" x 22" x 6" and weighs 17 lbs.

It comes in a kit and will require some simple assembly.

Special order and will be longer delivery

For Questions please E-mail Bee Hahn.

  • Model: A113