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Single Hand Spindles


This inexpensive and durable hand spindle will make it easy to teach spinning in workshops and schools.

Along with Interweave Press's free brochures,(hint it is at the bottom page Low Tech HIGH satisfaction} and you're on your way to fun and relaxation! I suggest you print out both brochures.

This hand spindle comes with two, 4 1/2 inch, red whorls and a 12" long, 3/8" thick shaft with a hook at one end. Total weight is 2.2 ounces. Use one whorl alone for spinning singles, then add the second for plying. Or use both together for thicker yarns. This spindle is very versatile and can be used as a top or bottom-whorl hand spindle. An inexpensive way to suit all your hand spinning needs!

Special note for Hand Spindles.

We use 3/8" wood dowels for the hand spindles and because wood is affected by moisture you might have a problem putting on the flanges on where you want them.

Ideal is for them to push on and stay were you want them.

Next if flanges do not stay on, wrap one or two wraps of scotch tape where you want to put the flanges to hold them in place.

Last if the flanges are very tight you can either sand the dowels down or wrap some fine sand paper around a pencil and open up the 3/8" hole carefully so the flanges will stay on the dowel.

(Shipping Not Included. Shipping is free if order with a Spinning Wheel)

For Questions please E-mail Bee Hahn.

  • Model: C0505300