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Conversion to Electric Spinner


Now you can spin or ply

Convert your present Babe Spinning Wheel into a Electric Spinner in a minutes time. Just snap on the motor attachment and put on the drive belt that comes with it. Plug it into electricity and you are ready to go. Has the Electronic Foot Controller. We have added a special adapter to ply with. The adapter sits on the left of the wheel and spins the flyer to the left.


Assembly Instructions

Spinning Setup

Hold onto pipe that motor is on and push down with the fitting on the maiden until snaps into place.  Put belt on pulley first  then onto bobbin.  Plug foot controller cord in to motor and then into a 110 volt outlet.  Put the leader on the babe aid on the bobbin and out the orifice.  Start spinning by stepping on the foot controller.  The flyer spins to the right.

Plying Setup

Snap the special adapter for plying on the left side of the maiden like in the picture above and put the motor support on the adapter.  Put the drive band on the pulley of the motor then on the whorl of the bobbin.  Put what you are going to ply through the orifice around the hooks and attach to the babe aid.  Now you are ready to ply.  The flyer turns to the left for plying.

  • Model: J0503000