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Multi-purpose 1 to 4 Skeins - Skein Winder/Yarnblocker


Are your arms and shoulders soar and hurt from winding skeins. You need Babe's powered skein winder pictured above. This is a two yard skein winder set up to do 4 skeins at once . It does have a handle for you to turn it by hand if you like. If you are putting up skeins to sell this is the one for you. I have added a new quick release feature. After skeining you pull the quick release pins, then the skein are loose and easy to take off. See picture on the right below. When ordering tell us what size you want. You can have separate skein winders sizes to the size you would like. You might have a 48", 60" 2 yd or even a 3 yd.

Made with 3/4" Furniture PVC and has a 3/8" brass axle.

The motor group is not included and can be purchase as a option.

For Questions please E-mail Bee Hahn.

  • Model: H003