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Big River Spinner

This is a great wheel for those who like high speed and the long draw.

The 22" OD wheel has ball bearings so it spin very easily and smoothly. To this wheel we have attached spokes and a wheel rim so that we have 35" OD wheel. The Drive Band is polyurethane so it does not need a tensioning device. There are handles on the wheel spine and the maiden for lining up the drive band with the whorls. The frame is made for 1-1/2 Furniture PVC. It has a 12" spindle which is 26" from the floor. It weighs 21 lbs. It now ships in a 22" x 22" x 6" box It now comes as kit and requires some easy assembly. The frame all folds flat so you can easily put it the car and go do a demonstration on spinning fiber.

The bigger 35" wheel has ratios of 25:1, 31:1, 35-1/2:1, 43:1

The smaller 22" wheel has ratios of 15:1, 17-1/2, 21-1/2:1, 24:1. This requires an optional Drive Band.

This is a special order item.

For Questions please E-mail Bee Hahn.
  • Model: A114