About Us

In August 1996, Nels Wiberg started the manufacture of Babe's Fiber Starter, a contemporary, inexpensive spinning wheel made from white, furniture-grade PVC and a black wheelchair wheel.

On March 1, 1998 the manufacturing and sales was turned over to Babe's Fiber Garden.

Babe's Fiber Garden is growing in a Green Vally. To explain, when we moved to Whitewater, Wisconsin on March 1, 1998 we choose Babe's Fiber Garden for our business name which means we were manufacturing the Babe's Fiber Starters, we were selling fibers and we hoped to grow like a garden.

We have been growing so that we needed help. The Whitewater Chamber of Commerce suggested I talk to Mr. Andrew E. Clark, Program Manager, Business Outreach/Fast Track, Small Business Development Center, and University of Wisconsin. Through Mr. Clark's help, he put us in touch with Green Vally Enterprises, Inc. in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Working with Delmar A. Winning, Plant Manager, and Carl Firehammer, Sales Representative, we have set it up for them to manufacture our Babe's Fiber Garden, LLC products. Which we did starting in December of 2002, allowing me time to do my love of inventing more new products. BVE, which has been in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin for more than thirty years, takes pride in its continued growth and development. GVE's mission is to assist adults with disabilities to achieve their maximum potential. We are confident that with GVE's help, Babe's Fiber Garden, LLC will maximize its potential. With this larger company exposure, we decided to become a Limited Liability Corporation, Wisconsin Entity ID Number B048078, with Nels Wiberg, Manager.

Here at Babe's, we're involved in fiber crafts including spinning, weaving knitting, crocheting, and needle arts. In our spinning and weaving studio in Whitewater, Wisconsin, we have on display our spinning wheels, hand spindles and yarn blockers, in addition to looms, knitting machines (both straight and circular), rake knitting looms, fibers of all kinds, books and magazines. Stop on by - write or call for directions!

At Babe's Fiber Garden, we're committed to providing affordable, durable products to enhance your creative experience. Please call or E-mail if you have any questions!

At the beginning of 2014, Bee and Rob Hahn took over operation of Babes Fiber Garden.  Their primary location is Beaver Dam, WI. They are in the process of getting familar with the business.


Babe's Fiber Garden
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